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皇家彩票网是否正规:Publicly funded dividends: Some companies have $4.3 billion in dividends and single funds have exceeded $1.8 billion in dividends

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内容摘要: At the beginning of each year,fund dividendsseason, benefiting from the prevalence of value investment last year, blue-chip white horse sto...

At the beginning of each year, fund dividends season, benefiting from the prevalence of value investment last year, blue-chip white horse stocks have risen strongly. As a major institutional investor in the A-share market, the public fund has a lot of income, of course, dividends should be generous. Oriental Fortune Choice data show that as of April 10, this year, the implementation of 72 fund companies of 548 fund dividends 548 times, total dividend amount of 29.537 billion yuan, 18.165 billion yuan compared with the same period last year, an increase of 62.60 %. (Excluding currency funds )

Practitioners pointed out that fund dividends are similar to “putting money from the left pocket into the right pocket” for investors. However, it is not true for fund companies. Some of the funds in the established contracts require that dividends be paid after the income reaches a certain standard. Some senior people said that fund dividends can often help investors to lock in and earnings in a timely manner. At the same time, some funds also make continuous marketing through dividends.

hybrid funds into the main dividends, cash dividends YiFangDa

4.388 billion from the fund type, the 129 hybrid fund the implementation of dividends 137 times, total dividend amounted to 19.075 billion yuan, accounting for 64.58 percent, more than a third The second, can be called the main dividend; bond funds dividends up to 8.642 billion; equity funds dividend of 1.725 billion; QDII0.80 billion.

from the fund company, with 548 participating fund products, Bank Fund company has 48, the largest number; Boshi Harvest Fund , Galaxy Fund and other companies have implemented over 20 products dividend. However, the total amount of statistical dividend, E Fund company to 4.278 billion, ranking first in the dividends; Bo Shi fund immediately after the dividend 2.568 billion; 7_89456_9 Orient Securities Asset Management Corporation 2110 million, BOC Fund 20.01 million, Disaggregated third and fourth.

At the same time, we noticed that many fund products have implemented multiple dividends and high dividend frequency. A total of 14 funds such as E Funda Proactive Growth Mixed, China Huaxia Return No. 2 Hybrid, Harvest Wired Debt Bonds, Wells Fargo State-Owned Corporate Bonds A/B, Wells Fargo State-Owned Corporate Bonds C, and Bo Shi Hua Ying Pure Debt Bonds have reached 3 times since the beginning of the year. There are also 2 fund dividends for 23 funds selected by Noam Small and Medium Plate, HSBC Jinxin Consumer Dividends, and E-Fang Kexiang Mix.

The amount of unit dividends, Hai Fu Tong's two bond funds are the most generous, the Shanghai Fortis Securities Co., Ltd. pledge can be pledged ETF, the Shanghai Fortis cycle of industrial debt ETF share of 10 per fund share of 15 yuan, 13 yuan; Noon's small and medium-sized selection of mixed, Bo Shi theme industry mix (LOF), Dongfang Hong Ruiyang mix (LOF), China Post and small cap flexible allocation of equity funds are not bad, every 10 shares of the fund share dividend also has 9.7 yuan, 3.6 yuan, 3.4 yuan and 3.2 yuan.

Performance support is generous, Bo Shi theme industry mixed dividend over 1.8 billion

Particularly worth mentioning is that from a single fund point of view, Bo Shi theme industry mix (LOF) dividend of up to 1.852 billion yuan; Oriental Hong Ruihua Shanghai Hong Kong Shenzhen Mixed, EasyFonda's active growth mix, and the South's ingredient selection, mixed dividends were 14.13, 12.28, and 1.02 billion yuan.

With more than 200 million dividends, there are 35 funds such as the E Fund Value Growth Mix, the Bank of China Steady Configuration Hybrid A, and the Wells Fargo Tianyi Value Mix; there are also 40 fund dividends exceeding 100 million.

Behind the generous bonus is the support of outstanding performance.

It is understood that Bo Shi Topic Industry Mix (LOF) was established on January 6, 2005, which is the main product of Boshi Fund and one of the few “Ten Times Base” clubs in the whole market. Orient Wealth Choice The data shows that since the launch of the BoF Topic Industry Mix (LOF), the growth rate of the net value of the revaluation unit has reached 1269.33%, a true ten-fold base. Judging from the data disclosed in its 2017 annual report, of the 10.653 billion net assets of the fund, equity accounts for 83.87%, and its holdings are relatively concentrated. The top ten constituents account for 53.75% of the total holdings. There are , Perfect World with . and other media leaders, there are also Oriental Garden , China's huge stone Such a booming stock unit.

And as one of the four Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Shenzhen hybrids, led by Mr. Lin Peng, stood out among many outstanding funds last year, winning the 2017 hybrid fund's earnings championship. The fund focuses on: A stocks scarce industry stocks, including consumer leaders Baima (such as liquor, Chinese medicine), A shares lack of investment in the industry; 2) companies with continuous leading edge or core competitiveness, such companies should have good growth Sexual or market leader; 3) Thematic industry stocks that meet the policies and investment logic of the Mainland; 4) Companies with valuation advantages compared with similar A-share companies.

blue-chip fund

the phone can buy a fund account, click here to download immediately 7_89 456_176_65473_9
Fund Code fund referred the past year operating income fee
169105 Hong Kong and Shanghai Hua Dong Fang Hongrui deep mixing 49.93 1.50% 1.50% % Purchase Opening Purchase
519690 Bank of Communications Robust Configuration Mixed A7_89456_132_6 5473_932.82% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
100020 rich Tianyi Value mixed 25.05% 1.50% 0.15% purchase account purchase
160505 mixed Bo Theme Industry (LOF) 19.32% 1. 50% 0.15% Buy Account Opening Purchase
110010 E Fund Value Growth Mixed 18.89% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2018-04-10





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